Friday, February 18, 2011

A day at a time

Portion:  Exodus 30:11 thru 34:35

Bear with me as I correct a mistake from last week - about the 'VEST' reference.

(I've been reminded by a writer friend to 'connect the dots' in my blog entries.)

Last week those dots were unconnected.

What I should have added:
Aaron wore the vest, a beautiful representation of stones (the people in his community) - on his chest,
over his heart, when he entered the tent to pray.

The stones were a reminder of who he was praying for. 
Remember Jesus called believers 'living stones.'

The community to which each of us belongs is worthy of our prayers!  God has put certain people in our path for a reason, and has seated precious souls at our table. 
Those are the 'jewels' who should be included in our prayers when we go to God.

This past week has had ups and downs, like most.  Israel is a pressure cooker!

Here's a verse that jumped out as I studied the portion:

"Obey what I command you today."  (Exodus 34:11)

We could debate into eternity which Old Testament commandments are relevant.
If we hear directly from God and then obey what he says today, we will be in His perfect will.

Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God."

We must be still in order to hear what He is commanding us to do each day.

I start my mornings with the best of intentions, trying to listen and obey.  One day this week I exchanged my afternoon plans to accommodate a friend, which I believe was God's will.  What if every minute of every day was spent in obedience? Holding each thought captive, as the apostle Paul advised, the days would be
(as Israeli's like to say) AMAZING!

Tomorrow holds yet another opportunity.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. sending our love to you both!
    mei li got a haircut.
    winter seems to be breaking.
    We are planning the garden today.
    We are glad that you safe.
    michael and kristin

  2. With the unrest I am so grateful to hear that you two are safe! You are the jewel on my vest that always seems to catch a ray of sun. Keep shining

  3. To my commenting friends,
    Your comments are treasures that leap out as I open up the weekly blog.....thank you for your updates and kindness. Looking forward to being back home again soon and seeing you.