Saturday, October 30, 2010

marriage & a snail

Saturday's Torah portion is:  Genesis 23:1 thru 25:18

We access the portion via computer these days.  We pray for insight related to the portion.

One of the funniest things my husband has said during this first month of travel together, a question with the upmost awe and sincerity,

"Have you ever watched a snail move?"

I laughed out loud.

NO, I have never watched a snail move.

seriously, have you?

Many of you may smile when you read this - you know what I mean!  I admittedly, am sort of type A(?) and,
well, my husband a very type B.....

I often wonder if he might outlive me,
despite our age differences, because of the pace he chooses.

back to the snail
Later in the week, on a sunnier day, I took it upon myself to photograph a snail moving.  If my borrowed computer allowed, I'd post the photos for your enjoyment.

For now, just imagine the speed and steady forward motion of a one-inch snail. 

So, the point of sharing the snail observation is to rejoice in how our marriage is thriving in the first month of travel.  As I admitted to my daughter in an email, there aren't too many people I could go 1:1 with 24/7 for weeks on end.

Instead of my way being the right way, I am considering my husband's pace equally valid.

Sarah and  Abraham were 90 and 100 before they had a child; they left parents behind and shared their lives exclusively with
one another.

Best friends.

In the portion, Sarah dies and Abraham negotiates the purchase of the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron for 400 silver shekels for her burial. He honors his wife by purchasing land; later Isaac and Ishmael visit the grave together when Abraham dies and is buried there, honoring their parents together.

What a legacy! 
 It began by leaving everything behind and honoring the call God gave them, promising to make a great nation from their offspring.

Honestly, as some of you know, the goal of this 'big adventure' for me?  I want to really, really love my husband.  I am grateful to report that our love is steady and deepening.

God is answering our prayers faithfully.

Shalom family & friends.

Friday, October 22, 2010

view from Kusadasi Turkey

This week the Torah Portion is Genesis 18-22

Abraham hears of destruction coming upon his nephew Lot.

Lot is visited and warned to leave Sodom.

 Lot gets out but his wife turns to a pillar of salt because she looked back at Sodom's destruction.

Early in the week we had doubts about our travels sick and run down

admittedly discouraged - 

we questioned our plans out loud.

Today we toured the city of Ephesus

listening with Dutch German and French tourists 
as our Turkish guide
showed us the stadium where Apostle Paul's teaching was drowned out by citizens chanting 

'GREAT is Artemis of the Ephesians!'  

We saw the ancient remains of the 
temple of Artemis. 

(one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world)

Statues of Artemis are still sold in Ephesus shops.

We are learning so much.  

There will be no turning back!

How has your week been?  Did you hear about the Chilean miner who conducted Bible studies twice a day during the 69-day trial underground?  The miners thought they would die but God provided hope through Jose Henriquez.

Jose was quoted in the London Times -

'When a man screams to God then He will answer the prayer'

He has answered ours. 

Next? Crete!

thank you for reading

Peace to you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go Forth!

The Torah Portion Genesıs 12 - 17 describes Abraham leaving hıs parental home which coincidentally was in southeastern Turkey (at that time the cıty was technıcally ın Iraq)

We enjoyed a delicıous lunch at an İzmer restaurant on Tuesday and met the owner who grew up ın Haram (same as Abraham!)

The hotel we chose ın Izmer was not exactly as enticıng as the photos when we booked onlıne.  One of the spookier features?  Hallways are dark - my travel partner equates the atmosphere to a prison.  Each evenıng when we return from our daıly adventures we climb 2 flıghts of stairs then walk down a long hallway to our room.  Presumably to save energy the lights only come on AFTER one begins walkıng.  We must bravely GO FORTH ın the dark then our way ıs iıllumınated.

We hıred a tour guıde to vısıt Bergama (Pergamum) referenced ın Revelatıon 2 whıch wıll ınclude a full day of hıstory ıncludıng the ancıent Acropolıs. 

Abraham left Haram ın faıth. God blessed hım.  We are prayıng to have our path ıllumınated.

Let us bravely go ın faıth antıcıpatıng the blessıngs God has ın store for all who seek Hım.

Thank you for readıng.

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Who makes up those manners rules, anyway?"

Read the Torah Portion: Genesis 6:9-11:32 - Noah
Five times a day, beginning at dawn here in Istanbul, a muezzin summon faithful Islams
"Hasten to Prayer!"
Yesterday, over lentil soup, we discussed
the polite way to eat it
with the over sized spoon we were given.
Mom always said,
"hold the spoon sideways."  

So my husband puts the entire spoon in his mouth and asks,   
"Who comes up with the manner rules, anyway?"  
Good question.

Competing voices in various languages come from every direction.

"Get into the ark" 
boomed in my head the morning of September 11, 2001.
The words burned in my heart.

Our prayers are for family & friends, and for continued safe travel.  Grateful prayers.  Requests for direction and wisdom.

Shalom to you. 
Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 1, 2010


"You will never be the same,"

words spoken by a pragmatic teacher friend recently about our upcoming trip.

She's traveled & I believe her.

Her words marinate in my soul.

Today's Torah portion is Genesis 1:1 - 6:8.

"...then God formed a person....and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life... (Gen. 2)

24 hours before leaving we couldn't sleep.   Magnificent, creative God gave curiosity.   We are gypsies, seekers, lovers.

God knows we could change for the better.
Lock the door, inhale Autumn air, we begin. God come along with us!