Saturday, November 6, 2010


Torah Portion for Saturday, November 6, 2010:

Genesis 25:19 - 28:9

Generations are listed at the start of the portion this week.  Isaac & Rebekah are parenting twin boys, a 3rd generation.

Did I mention in an earlier post that our laptop, intended for the trip, did not make it out of Philadelphia?  Seems it 'black-lined' and we mailed it to our favorite repair guy back home.  Along with the computer, away went the Torah portions I had carefully saved for the trip.  We download the portion each week, this week from the JPS Tanakh (Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1985).

Recent stops in Greek bookstores for an English Bible have been unsuccessful.  Funny thing is, the hotel we are staying at this week had Good News for the World in worldwide English, translated by Miss A. Cressman, on the 'share' shelf.

The 1969 edition, published in Bombay, may have been Miss Cressman's life work.  It certainly reads easily enough.

So I opened to Matthew, and guess what?  The chapter, like today's portion, begins with genealogy.  Usually Hebrew names are a blur, however, I noticed in particular a few women's names.

Sarah & Rebekah aren't listed, but Mary, the mother of Jesus, is. Just five women are mentioned among the 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus, and Mary is a Virgin.  Technically, Joseph, who Abraham's ancestor, does not contribute genetic material. He was an earthly father but not biologically related.


We cannot chose our family.  Rebekah manipulated the blessing for her youngest son and made history.  Don't you think Isaac & Rebekah had a huge fight when the truth came to light?

Last week I shared what great travel partners my husband and I are.  Yesterday we had our first big argument.  The portion this week also records an argument, about wells dug by Isaac's servants.

Rehoboth was the 3rd well.  The locals did not quarrel with them over this well so they named it Rehoboth -  "Now at last the Lord has granted us ample space to increase in the land."  (Genesis 27: 22)

As we look for guidance from the portion, my husband and I trust we can walk away, dig another well, and that God will bring resolution.

Shalom to you on the Sabboth.

There is insight in the portion each week!

Thank you for taking time for Saturday Chores.


  1. Hell world travelers, I wasn't positive that I had the correct blog until your pictures showed up. I sounds like your having the adventurer of a lifetime, and one that most of us would like do also. Maybe at an earlier age though. We have been praying for you and your family back here. Keep on making memories that will last a lifetime.
    Bless you both,
    Mike and Char

  2. Hi Mike & Char,
    thank you for your email and for your prayers!

    Yes, we are having a great adventure. Wish I could send you a photo of my 'travel partner'wearing his official Greek Fisherman Hat, purchased in Athens...very charming.

    Glad you made the connection w/us on the blog - tomorrow we're on an overnight ferry to Italy and it's good bye to Greece.

    Shalom to you.