Friday, November 19, 2010

I have enough

Parshah Vayishlach -  Genesis 32:4-36:43

This week Jacob meets up with Esau for the first time in over 20 years and is relieved to discover  God has also cared for his brother.  Although Isaac's blessing came first to Jacob,  Essau was also blessed. Esau assures his brother, 

"I have enough."


After our arrival in southern Italy last Saturday, we spent 3 nights in a Franciscan monastery with wonderful nuns.  Their committed life and evidence of a vow taken was beautiful and inspiring.  Jesus is their first love.  Our stay was peaceful and rejuvenating. 

Wednesday we arrived in Florence via train.  Who knew of the presence great artists created here?  Even my best humanities teacher couldn't paint the Renassaince in my head - I needed to walk the Uffizi and Duomo and see Botticelli  and Raphael myself. 

Seems when humans took a break from conquering each another magnificent creativity happened!  Our legs still ache after hundreds of steps on 15th century marble.


OH, and the food!  cappucino, pizza, homemade noodles with tomatoes & basil...gastronomical satisfaction.

Then, to top off a truly satisfying week, the great boot find happened!

 Seems it was rainy most of the week, which meant if we wanted to see Pompeii, we'd be wet.  We were. 
It was worth it.

Cycling 4 pairs of smartwool socks wasn't a problem.  But summer is over & sandals have limits. The 'great find' was in a second-hand shop near our hotel yesterday.  Comfortable boots of Italian leather & style at a  very Midwest price of 40 euros.

VERY satisfying.

We will think of you on Thursday, as we all give thanks for family and friends and our many blessings. 

 We're off on the train to Orvieto...

Shalom and Blessings.
Be satisfied.
Thanks for reading Saturday Chores

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