Saturday, October 30, 2010

marriage & a snail

Saturday's Torah portion is:  Genesis 23:1 thru 25:18

We access the portion via computer these days.  We pray for insight related to the portion.

One of the funniest things my husband has said during this first month of travel together, a question with the upmost awe and sincerity,

"Have you ever watched a snail move?"

I laughed out loud.

NO, I have never watched a snail move.

seriously, have you?

Many of you may smile when you read this - you know what I mean!  I admittedly, am sort of type A(?) and,
well, my husband a very type B.....

I often wonder if he might outlive me,
despite our age differences, because of the pace he chooses.

back to the snail
Later in the week, on a sunnier day, I took it upon myself to photograph a snail moving.  If my borrowed computer allowed, I'd post the photos for your enjoyment.

For now, just imagine the speed and steady forward motion of a one-inch snail. 

So, the point of sharing the snail observation is to rejoice in how our marriage is thriving in the first month of travel.  As I admitted to my daughter in an email, there aren't too many people I could go 1:1 with 24/7 for weeks on end.

Instead of my way being the right way, I am considering my husband's pace equally valid.

Sarah and  Abraham were 90 and 100 before they had a child; they left parents behind and shared their lives exclusively with
one another.

Best friends.

In the portion, Sarah dies and Abraham negotiates the purchase of the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron for 400 silver shekels for her burial. He honors his wife by purchasing land; later Isaac and Ishmael visit the grave together when Abraham dies and is buried there, honoring their parents together.

What a legacy! 
 It began by leaving everything behind and honoring the call God gave them, promising to make a great nation from their offspring.

Honestly, as some of you know, the goal of this 'big adventure' for me?  I want to really, really love my husband.  I am grateful to report that our love is steady and deepening.

God is answering our prayers faithfully.

Shalom family & friends.

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