Thursday, October 14, 2010

Go Forth!

The Torah Portion Genesıs 12 - 17 describes Abraham leaving hıs parental home which coincidentally was in southeastern Turkey (at that time the cıty was technıcally ın Iraq)

We enjoyed a delicıous lunch at an İzmer restaurant on Tuesday and met the owner who grew up ın Haram (same as Abraham!)

The hotel we chose ın Izmer was not exactly as enticıng as the photos when we booked onlıne.  One of the spookier features?  Hallways are dark - my travel partner equates the atmosphere to a prison.  Each evenıng when we return from our daıly adventures we climb 2 flıghts of stairs then walk down a long hallway to our room.  Presumably to save energy the lights only come on AFTER one begins walkıng.  We must bravely GO FORTH ın the dark then our way ıs iıllumınated.

We hıred a tour guıde to vısıt Bergama (Pergamum) referenced ın Revelatıon 2 whıch wıll ınclude a full day of hıstory ıncludıng the ancıent Acropolıs. 

Abraham left Haram ın faıth. God blessed hım.  We are prayıng to have our path ıllumınated.

Let us bravely go ın faıth antıcıpatıng the blessıngs God has ın store for all who seek Hım.

Thank you for readıng.


  1. Go bravely forth... Thanks for that inspiration this morning. A friend told this story: On a cold, dark, winter night, a father asked his son to get some more wood for the fireplace from the wood pile. His son looked out the window and when he couldn't see the wood in the darkness, became frightened. His father encouraged him by telling him he doesn't need to see the wood pile, he only needs to see enough to put one foot in front of the other. Terrified, the boy began his journey. His initial fears softened as he eventually grew more comfortable with knowing only the next step. He returned with an armload of wood. The child was thankful for and proud of the adventure and thankful to be in front of the warm fire.
    Thanks for keeping us updated on your journey.
    We miss you here in the United States and send all our love.

  2. Hey, I tried calling you this morning -- but the voice mail instructions the phone lady gave were very convoluted. Anyway, no news, just thinking of you. (Everytime I think of calling you I calculate the time zone thing and have to wait!)
    Love you! Hope you are having fun!

  3. Glad the call came thru now! We appreciate your reading & following.....