Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out of Egypt

Exodus 21:1 thru Exodus 24:18

We had our own exodus last night, following a phone call from the hotel's front desk, where we were spending a third night at the Movenpick just outside the Taba, Egyptian border.  Our conversation went something like, "we recommend you pack a bag and cross the border."  "Now?" I wanted to know, explaining we have American passports, not Israeli passports as the Hebrew-speaking woman presumed.  "You decide," she suggested, adding our Jewish surname was 'rather obvious'.

When the phone rang about 9 pm, we were not sure what to do!  We sat on the couch, where we had been glued to CNN's report of the Egyptian turmoil, and prayed. 

My husband suggested we call to see if our original rental in Eilat was available for the night.  Yuval, the owner, suggested we come right over, "in case they close the border."

Quickly our bags were packed and we checked out of the hotel, then walked ten minutes to the Egypt/Israel border crossing.

By midnight, after successfully passing through both Egyptian and Israeli customs & immigration, we hopped into a cab for the 15-minute ride to Yuval's place.  A local news reporter wanted to interview us as we crossed in to Israel - he was busy gathering the local scoop on the Egyptian riots.

Reading the portion, I can't help but love, love, love
the verse Ex. 23:20 -

"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."

We feel safe and are heading back to Haifa tomorrow, by bus.  It is not the city where I thought we would spend the next portion of the journey, however the door is wide open.

Our landlord will be an Arab Christian couple.  The apartment came by word-of-mouth and it feels just right.  We will see it tomorrow after we finish the six-and-a-half hour bus ride north.

By the way, we DID climb the 'Moses mountain (believed to be Mount Sinai) on Wednesday...
one by camel, the other (me!) by foot....

Hussein, a Bedouin guide, carried my pack the last half of the journey & stretched out his hand during the final 750 steps.

It was hard to accept the lift and hand.  I wanted to be 'super climber' but could not have made it without his help.  The air was thin and the top was 7498 feet up.

The fire & cloud are directing us north again, where rain is falling in a 'monsoon-like' manor, according to our friends in Haifa.

Oh, and BTW, the apartment is exactly the price we originally thought we could afford. 

The internet was shut down in Egypt during our last few days there; the reason for this week's late entry.  We are grateful for almost 2 weeks on the Sinai Peninsula.  Seems the world can change so quickly!

Thank you for taking time to read Saturday Chores.

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  1. what an adventure.
    so glad to know you're safe...been thinking of you lots.
    all is quiet & snowy & ridiculously safe here.
    love nancy.