Friday, December 3, 2010

betrayed by a sister

Genesis 41 thru 44:17

"What would you do if you saw her on the bus this afternoon?" I asked my husband as we left the U.S. Consulate in Rome.  Wednesday afternoon, he was the victim of a pickpocket (dressed as a nun!) on an overcrowded bus during rush hour.  At the time, our destination was the Great Synogogue along the Tiber River, to watch the first day of Hanukkah candle lighting.   Instead we headed to the carbonari to make a report to the polizia.

Thursday, after replacing the passport, complete with new photos, we counted our blessings and attended the 2nd night of candlelighting.  Seems Rome is the city where Jews have lived continuously for the longest time!  There was a very long period of living in the ghetto, subjection to discriminatory laws, deportation during WWII, and a terrorist attack in the '80's.  Guards watch every corner of the city block surrounding the synogogue.  Tonight we plan to attend a Hanukkah celebration in the Jewish Ghetto area.  

Early in the week when we studied the Torah Portion, we debated the way Joseph reacted to his brothers when they came to bow down and ask for food.  Imagine the grief Joseph experienced losing his entire family and way of life as a young man.  Now married, he has two sons, lives in another country, and his old life suddenly resurfaces!  

Would Joseph need time to process what was happening?  Would he have immediate forgiveness? 

Our experience this week gave an opportunity to practice forgiveness.  I wonder if our betrayer has children or a husband.  Where did she grow up?  How did she get the nun costume?  How did she bocome SOOOO gutsy?  Does she know how much stress she caused and the hours we spent undoing her moment of thievery?

Those questions will never be answered.  We are free to choose our response.   Personally, it seems better to be grateful for a quick resolve at the Embassy and for answered prayer.  Our journey continues as planned, to Tunisia tomorrow morning.  The weather forecast next week in  Tunis  ---- SUNNY!

I hope you are enjoying Saturday Chores!  Thanks for reading.

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